philosophy of experiential seminars 

Experiential Learning creates real-life scenarios that place the participants in a challenging and safe learning environment. Through this methodology, the participants get a chance to practice what they learn, and more importantly, learn through their experience. Our learning simulations focus on collaboration and active problem solving, which increase levels of engagement and retention.

Our experiential learning experiences are custom designed to meet your organization’s needs. From “Lunch & Learns” to weekend team-building retreats, we can personally design experiences to help you achieve the results you desire for your team or organization.



Momentum Leadership experiences are designed to generate self-awareness and develop personal leadership skills. We focus on expanding the individual and group perspectives to empower accountability and cultivate healthy, productive business environments in which each team member has the ability to lead and be led.



Momentum Team Building experiences focus on communication, team dynamics, and problem solving. We provide progressive experiential learning that transforms collective attitudes and fosters positive company culture. Each experience is customized to inspire your unique team to progress to the next level of group innovation, productivity, and influence.


Health & Wellness 

Work-related stress persists as a rising health epidemic, burdening companies with increased healthcare expenses, costly sick leave, and reduced productivity. As a result, wellness strategies have become crucial to staff retention and organizational success. These particular experiences demonstrate the importance of a healthy lifestyle and its influence on a productive culture in the workplace.